Every Press Release We Have Ever Written Has Gained Publication or Placement ... Fact!

The Business Promoter will help you select suitable titles to send press releases to. We can work with your wish list whilst advising you of media forms you may not have thought of.

We will liaise with editors to establish what features they have planned and then write copy with their forward plans in mind hence creating maximum published articles about your business. 

Benefit from our highly flexible campaign choices being a one off project or short duration retainers of three months.

We will also think out of the box and create other printable features about your business too, such as competitions, charitable incentives, interviews and tie-in arrangements. Be it for magazines, newspapers, radio or television, we have expertise in all these areas.

Editors receive dozens of press releases each day. Similarly to curriculum vitaes, where a massive 95% are not compliant and why candidates often do not hear back from a prospective employer so is the case with poorly written press releases.

A press release should have interesting, timely or topical angles and they should not be salesy. If you have tried sending press releases to your various desired media form and not heard anything back from the editors, then the chances are that there are some fundamental errors in your process which we can eliminate for you.

The power of achieving a published feature about your business can have great longevity too because we supply you with your feature in PDF form which you can publish on your website or use in a marketing email campaign.

Published features about your company come with Editor endorsement, because naturally editors are passionate and strict about keeping their brand style consistent, which in turn keeps their reader figures buoyant. This is why features about your company generate new enquiries for your team to convert into new sales. It is also why they tend to me more fruitful than advertorials which readers tend to skip over, unless they are wishing to purchase the product or service being advertised.

Advertising works, and there are usually only two reasons why companies do not get healthy returns on investment. Either that the advert has not been booked in the correct media form for your individual business or that there has not been sufficient time or thought put into the creation of your advert.

We can help here too. Simply email us a copy of your advert and we will tell you how to re-write the copy, provide you with useful marketing measuring ideas and tools or even put you in touch with a graphics designer. 

Ideally your business should set aside a budget for advertising and PR.

Advertising budgets are typically cut in tough economic times. Reinstall your faith in advertising by sending us one of your recent adverts and we will tell you why you are not getting the enquiries. PR budgets are often cut too so have faith and peace of mind that PR investment with the Business Promoter projects starting from £210 inc- designed for companies to afford and enabling your business to be proactive in your PR activities.