Giving You Unrivalled Business Development Skills

The Business Promoter will enjoy intelligent, investigative conversations with your prospects. We are well rehearsed at speaking to senior buyers and directors and can gather important information about such things as when contracts are up for renewal, turnover or their budgets and procurement patterns.

People are extremely busy, especially in times of economic restraint. However your prospective clients will talk and it’s simply a matter of remembering certain good practices. Excellent manners for instance, having a sense that a particular person will engage in a productive conversation, but that “now is not a convenient time to speak”, are fundamental reasons why inexperienced telemarketers’ can find telemarketing daunting.

We have trained many well-known companies such as Anglian Home Improvements or Sun Life of Canada in telemarketing and we can design telemarketing training workshops for your business to.

Some clients like to entirely outsource their telemarketing to companies such as The Business Promoter, whilst other companies benefit from the value of our onsite training.

If you are considering training your staff to be more effective on the telephone then we deliver competitive bespoke onsite training workshops.

Depending on how many staff you wish to receive the training, will affect the days we need to deliver the telemarketing workshops. We can provide telemarketing workshops for individuals or for your entire sales team.

If you have fewer than four staff, the workshops can be designed for a half day training session, with a follow up half day revisit to your premises. If you have a larger team of ten members of staff, then our workshops take a day with a second day to revisit refresh, answer questions and provide any further, one on one coaching.

Before embarking on one of our onsite telemarketing workshops, designed so that your staff has minimum interruption, we arrange a two hour meeting with you when by we get a feel of what objections you wish to achieve so that we can write the workshop for your business and your bespoke requirements.