We'll keep You or Your Business in the Limelight

The Business Promoter is a highly experienced and well respected resources pool of an abundance of creative ideas to help get your business noticed. We have worked with a number of high profile people and businesses, creating innovative event and promotion concepts to grab the media’s attention, thus creating a host of television and press interviews and features.

Your brand may be stuck in a rut, either due to competition or perceived market saturation; rely on us to identify new unique selling points about your business that will get your company, known, noticed and talked about. The more your market audience know about your business, the more leads you will generate leading to new customers, clients and profits. 

Is your business already doing well, are you ready to take it up to the next level?

For instance your product, such as electric cigarettes could be already enjoying strong buoyant sales – lots of people wish to stop smoking, yet after New Year resolutions, you may be facing a trough in your sales figures. Avoid future trough’s, instead get The Business Promoter on board and we will put together a calendar of promotional events,  creative ideas, which we can help you implement, press attention and so much more to keep your brand strong and create future sales strands for your business.   

We love working with new businesses’ too and enjoy gaining the deserved hype around your brand. You may need to raise sponsorship and we have current data but more importantly, current contacts in the UK and US, predominately, of some of the most influential Chief Executives in business today. We have great friendships with a number of celebrities, who where appropriate, can further assist endorsing your brand.

As the PR agent for The World’s first touring Cockney Museum, launching later in 2012, for this project alone, we have already achieved sponsorship, global bookings at very well-known venues, and we are now dealing with the press and international media and television.

Additionally, we are working with a number of celebrities on some extremely interesting and highly creative merchandise to go with the brand – watch this space!