We’ll Ensure that Your Marketing Campaign Attracts More Sales for Your Business

The Business Promoter has twenty five years expertise working directly with a vast range of sectors. We work with brands, people and businesses; well-known companies and SME’s. Most of our clients are through recommendation and the breadth of our experience, knowledge and savvy is invaluable, whether you are a well known brand or setting up a new business.   

We create marketing calendars, plans and strategies for your current products or services or for new ones that you have in development.

Our focus is on driving new sales for your business through the identification of new ideas and unique selling points giving you the competitive edge and new ideas to help you market your business and drum up your sales.

With almost a hundred different marketing forms, the current trend being social media, we will select and deliver a bespoke range for your individual business, suitable for your sector and your market audience.

Through tapping into our expertise and proven track record with our wide range of expertise in a variety of sectors, we have a real feel of what works for your sector, whilst advising you of routes to not waste your time and money on.

A typical marketing campaign will involve: advice, written literature, intelligent investigate conversations, social media, PR and publicity. The precise mix is entirely bespoke to your goals and requirements.

Our clients benefit from same session feedback, copies into all outbound emails and highly flexible service.

We save you money because as with all experts, our productivity levels are extremely high as are our results.

Leaders in the field of marketing, such as Jonathan Jay or Chris Cardell, state that you should be spending at least fifty percent of your time marketing your business and communicating to your customers.

Realistically, most of you will be focusing on sales and growing or sustaining your business. This is why most of the companies we work with outsource their marketing and PR services to The Business Promoter because they simply do not have the time to market their businesses themselves and also due to the fact that our fees are highly competitive, and because we are a one stop call, saving you a fortune, as a PR and marketing business.