Eddie Kidd - Former Stunt Rider - 11/06/2012

Eddie Kidd – 13 times World champion and stunt double to “A” list celebrities including: Michael Caine / Val Kilmer / Peirce Brosnan


To write interesting stories charting Eddie Kidd’s progress during the 2011 London Marathon to keep him in the national, regional and international press.

To liaise with the media, such as The Telegraph and Hello magazine, arranging media calls and interviews with high profile supporters such as Ray Winstone. Also conduct an interview on Eddie’s behalf with a number of radio stations.


Eddie raised nearly £100,000 for Children with cancer charity; he originally hoped to raise a minimum of £50,000 yet nearly doubled this, partly due to the media coverage the Business Promoter gained for him.


Emma did a brilliant job getting me in the media, newspapers and television while I was competing in the London Marathon in 2011. She has worked with me for a number of years now and we are co-writing my new children’s book titled Kidd Finn.

Eddie Kidd 13 times World Champion and Former stunt double

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