Cost Efficiently Testing the Market

Tried and tested is what you need to develop your product or service. The Business Promoter can save you a small fortune by evaluating your business plan, prototype product or advising you on your new service idea. 

Tapping into our experience we will help you steer your idea or product into the right direction, that being the one which leads to exposure and ultimately to sales.

We all have ideas, actually over 30,000 ideas are conceived, yet far less than one percent actually goes to market.

You will be highly passionate about your new idea or product prototype; you will also be very close to the picture, so obvious tweaks in your planning stages, may not always be apparent.

The Business Promoter will look at your product with new unbiased eyes. We have saved companies thousands of pounds advising on new directions, new market segments or ways in which to prepare and write marketing literature.

One such example springs easily to mind. It was a new board game, a very tough market to crack, and the inventor almost pressed the green light with the manufacturers’ but happened to hear about the Business Promoters good reputation in troubleshooting. A small fortune had already been spent, yet far more capital saved due to ill thought out market positioning.  Had this not be identified, the knock on effect of further monies being spent on items such as sales literature would have been colossal.

Equally, many companies fail to identify all the routes to market, the market segments; missed valuable future sales strands.

One such company, already with success on the major UK shopping channel was adding new lines to their current single product.

The company was referred to us and among other services which we delivered for them, they asked us to have a look at their market segments, to see whether we could identify anymore. The original business plan had five, we found a further ten.