How to Position your Brand for Maximum Results

It can be challenging finding a good business consultant who has the experience, results, knowledge and business acumen in equal measures.

Business consultants or people who call themselves business consultants may have simply been former employees to one or two companies and previously held such positions as Head of Marketing. They often carry exorbitant day rates and other than producing an evaluation document post visiting you, many Directors are left wondering what value they actually achieved from hiring their consultancy services.

In short, the very word consultant has been over-used and exploited, and many companies shudder at the shear mention of a Business Consultant.

Emma started her career in sales, she was also a Marketing Director for an international business and in spite of her many accolades, she is very easy to understand and delivers all her services in plain English.

She has been in the same sector of sales, marketing and PR, throughout her whole career, some twenty five years.

Although she could specialise in a variety of single sectors, she believes that her wealth of experience, working in so many different sectors, truly adds value to her clients current, old and new.

Starting out in sales and exceeding sales targets in all her former sales roles, inspired Emma to incorporate marketing, PR and Publicity into her business.

She has achieved enormous success within these other areas of her business and she is also a published Children’s author.

It’s because of her achievements as a sales person, where she regularly found and implemented new ideas, products and services to sell, that she adds enormous value to your company if you need a business consultant.

The very reason you need a business consultant, ultimately is to generate new sales. It’s to identify new areas within your business for growth and indeed to establish areas within your company which need changing and reviewing.

Upon engaging The Business Promoter consultancy service, Emma will spend a half day at your premises, (dependant on how many employees you have and the size of your company) with you and at grassroots level with your staff.

From there, Emma will prepare a report of advice, from scratch as opposed to filling in a template, then draw from her wealth of knowledge to help steer your company aspirations in the right direction through practical, but above all, realistic solutions which are affordable for you to implement.