It’s not what you write but how you write it which counts.

The Business Promoter writes a wide variety of copy such as: blogs / articles /press releases / features / website copy / marketing letters.

Additionally Emma Andrews is a published children’s author and her latest book is called Dilly’s Dog’s Disguises published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie publishers – out in the shops and online from March 2012.

Whether you wish to outsource your blog writing or you need a captivating press release, there are an abundance of different writing techniques and styles required to capture the attention of your particular market audience.

The words you choose to describe your business or its latest news must instantly engage with the reader and be interesting enough for them to take action. There is stiff competition all around you with businesses or individuals vying for the attention of a reader, editor or journalist and these professionals are hugely time deficient. 

With the current trend of writing in plain English, it’s all too easy to assume that one style of writing fits all but the fact is that does not.

Your audience is only going to read your marketing letter for instance if it bares relevance to them, and frankly at the time that they read it too.

If your business achieved an accolade such as winning a business award two or more years ago, then to refer to this in a marketing letter will simply be a waste of valuable space as marketing letters need to be concise with very little content. They should be factual with obvious features and benefits within the text.

Should you be writing a press release and you won an award two or more years ago, then this can be mentioned but after the headline title and initial topical first line or so. A press release should have fewer than four hundred words, therefore only on a single page and it’s essential to include some photographs too, if you want to increase the chances of getting your news published.

We have an excellent track record of achieving published articles and you will save time and money hiring us compared to delegating it to an inexperienced colleague.

Working with specialist SEO experts, we can also ensure that you are using the correct keywords for your business to keep your rankings high and specific to the individual way in which you operate your company.