Our Services

We provides you will entirely bespoke PR, publicity, sales and marketing services and offer unrivalled value because no other local company offers the same, like for like services and proven track record.

Our per project fees start from £210 inclusive; our expertise means that you benefit from our very high productivity ratio. We can talk to your customers; provide you with invaluable advice and feedback. Create sales campaigns for your business, write and share marketing letters and write interesting press releases leading to published features about your company. 

We have a good relationship with the media, current contacts in all media forms and the respect from editors, journalists or reporters which means that if we send them a press release about your business, they will actually read and consider it.

Our starting point is you and your budget and our highly flexible campaigns keep you in control of your purse strings.

Due to our vast experience we can time plan extremely efficiently and as we are refreshingly open in our communications, we can tell you for instance that it takes up to two hours to write an article or press release. This is what gives us many vantage points for your business to benefit from, making us a popular business investment.

Choosing not to specialise in a specific sector because the sales, marketing and PR formula is largely generic, being to maintain excellent customer communications and keep people interested in your business.

We have worked with a vast range of sectors and we particularly like to help small to medium sized companies generate sales.   

We are only a call away should you like to discuss your aspirations with us, or feel free to jot your burning desires down for your growth and pop them on an email. You may wish to specify your preferred method of us contacting you.

Many of our clients like to arrange Skype meetings and our address is e.j.s.andrews