Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews started her career in sales at her family business Joe’s Basement, founded by her late Father, the colourful, charming, “Gypsy Joe Andrews”. Joe’s Basement was, at its peak, the largest professional photographic lab in Europe and achieved a host of industry “firsts”. From largest print to fastest turnaround, it was also the first ever 24 hour lab with an apt strapline being “the lab that never sleeps”.

The business had many well-known clients from record labels, press, model agencies to big well-known brands such as Marks & Spencer, and Emma was immersed in the importance of delivering excellent service, efficiently, and going the extra mile too, because big names don’t suffer fools gladly and the family business is still very much respected and talked about to this day!

A flair for sales and inherent charm, Emma was heavily involved with all aspects of the family business. The company created many innovative PR opportunities yet it was always shrewd in the knowledge that a strong customer relationships kept sales buoyant.     

Emma then moved to Brighton to work for another professional lab and quadrupled the profits with the introduction of many London add-on products and services. “My Father and I planned to expand into the South and he wanted me to gain experience in another lab; the minute I walked into “Chromatics“I sensed so many revenue opportunities that I was overwhelmed with the thrill of wishing to implement them and felt totally in my element, a feeling that I continue to thrive on whenever I take on a new campaign”!

Next Emma became the sales and marketing manager of Kall Kwik Brighton, where again she exceeded the sales targets while introducing new services, and so she earned herself the right to only work a two day week due to the huge amount of business she was generating for the franchise.

“This was the time when I saw the niche in the market to provide freelance sales, marketing and PR for the SME and so Kall Kwik became my first ever client.”

Additionally, Emma is a published children’s author with her second book out in spring 2012 called Dilly Dog’s Disguises and she is on the committee for a couple of charities and an ambassador for www.bulliesout.com